Communications Internationales

  1. RymelBenabidallah, Salah Sadou, Ahmed Nacer Mohamed, Utilisation des états d’un système de systèmes pour l’identification des comportements émergents négatifs. Wetice : 27th IEEE International Conference on Enabling Track on Adaptive and Reconfigurable systems and architectures (AROSA) 27-29 Juin 2018
  2. Mahseur mohamed Boukra Abdelmadjid  yacine Meraihi, Improved Quantum Chaotic Animal Migration Optimization algorithm for QoS multicast routing problem, 6th IFIP International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Its Applications IFIP CIIA’2018 May8-10 2018, USTO-MB Oran University, Oran, Algeria 2018, ORAN, ALGERIA
  3. Mahseur Mohamed,Boukra Abdelmadjid, Meraihi yacine, QoS Multicast Routing based on a Quantum Chaotic Dragonfly Algorithm, MISC 2018 5th International Symposium on Modelling and Implementation of Complex Systems, December 16-18, 2018 – Laghouat, Algeria
  4. Mohammed Ridha Bouzidi, Abdelghani Soltani, Asma Bouhank  and Mourad daoudi, Methods to Solve Workflow Scheduling Problem in Cloud Computing New Search Based,  IEEE 5th-2018 International Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies  April 10-13, 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece
  5. H. Benkaouha, A. Abdelli, J. Ben-Othman, L. Mokdad « Failure Detection in MANETs Based on Geographical Repartition of Nodes », IEEE-ISCC 2018 2018, Natal, Brazil.
  6. Abdia Hamdani and Abdelkrim Abdelli Using the RTPN model for the modelling of complex Workflow systems, CEUR Proceedings  ICAASE Dec 2018. Constantine Algeria.
  7. Abdelfetah SAADI, Mourad Oussalah, Youcef Hammal and Abderazzak Henni . “An approach for the dynamic reconfiguration of software architecture”, International Conference on Applied Smart Systems (ICASS’2018). Medea, from 24 to 25 November 2018, Algeria. (In IEEEXplore® Digital Library).
  8. Khadidja Salah Mansour, Youcef Hammal. “ATL Based Refinement of WS-CDL Choreography into BPEL Processes”. 5th International Symposium on Modelling and Implementation of Complex Systems. December 16-18 Laghouat, Algeria. To be published in Springer proceedings book series LNNS (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems).
  9. Sami Belkacem, Kamel Boukhalfa and Omar Boussaid, Leveraging expertise in news feeds: A Twitter case study, Journées francophones sur les Entrepôt de Données et l’Analyse en ligne, EDA, October 04-06, 2018, Tanger, Morocco. vol. RNTI-B-14, pp.1-16.
  10.  Faiza Deghmani, Idir Amine Amarouche, « Graph databases and big data technologies in healthcare: A gap analysis”, ASD 2018: Big data & Applications 12th edition of the Conference on Advances of Decisional Systems
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  15. Tiberkak Allal, Abdelfetah Hentout, Abdelkader Belkhir, Tayeb Lemlouma, Ahmed Bouabdallah. “Set Theory-based FSM for Managing Home Emergencies: Concept, Properties and Process Algebra”, International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems (PAIS’2018), Oct 2018, Tebessa, Algeria.
  16. Tiberkak Allal, Hentout Abdelfetah, Aouache Mustapha, Belkhir Abdelkader. “Outdoor UPnP for Services Discovery in Smart Cities”. 2018 International Conference on Applied Smart Systems (ICASS’2018). Nov 2018, Medea, Algeria.
  17. El Bahi Toubal, Abdelkader Belkhir, Messaoud Rahim, Ahmed Kheldoun and Karim Boudjebbour,  A Web Services based Inter-Institutions E-Governance Platform, the 3rd International Symposium on Informatics and its Applications ISIA , November 6-7, 2018, Msila Algeria.
  18. Koubai Nesrine, Bouyakoub Fayçal M’hamed : Toward a Smart Restaurant with Context Management. In Smart Cities Symposium (SCS 2018), University of Bahrain, 22-23 April, 2018.
  19. Abdelfetah Saadi, Mourad Oussalah, Abderazzak Henni, ‘’ An approach for the dynamic reconfiguration of software architecture,’’ Accepted in the IEEE 2018 International Conference on Applied Smart Systems (ICASS2018). November 24-25, 2018. Medea University, Algeria.
  20. Moufida Rahmani, Mahfoud Benchaïba, Manel Seddiki,‘’A Clustering-based Replication Strategy for Mobile P2P networks,’’ Accepted in  the  2018 IEEE International  Conference  Applied Smart Systems (ICASS2018)  to  be  held   at Medea, Algeria  during  November  24-25, 2018. 
  21. Lamia Fatima Haddi, Moufida Rahmani, Mahfoud Benchaïba, A Credits-Based Economy for P2P Systems  , Accepted in  the  2018 IEEE International  Conference  Applied Smart Systems (ICASS2018)  to  be  held   at Medea, Algeria  during  November  24-25, 2018.

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